Slow Trek routes

"The central principle of slow philosophy is to find the time necessary to do things properly, and therefore enjoy more. "

Carl Honoré

The Slow Trek routes are an alternative of trekking through the territory of Camins Vius. We offer you different treks that will help you slow your pace of life, enjoy the present and know the past.

These routes will be from 2 to 3 days with medium difficulty excursions, in order to combine an immersion to the Pyrenean landscapes and to the human past. You will discover the magic of the Romanesque, you will eat dishes that centuries ago ate the monks, you will visit museums and ecomuseums, among many other things.

Our Slow Trek routes:

Romanesque Route

3 days | 33 km

Through this route you can learn traditional walking paths linking the villages of Barruera, Erill la Vall, Boi Taüll and Durro, magnificent churches which have been declared World Heritage by UNESCO.

Centenary route

1 day | 13 km

During this tour you will discover some of the most emblematic areas that give name to the Park: the Aigüestortes plain and the Sant Maurici lake, passing through the great port of El Portarró that separates the two vertebral valleys of the Park, the Ribera de San Nicolás and the one of the Escrita river.

The sources of the Garona

4 days | 35 km

This escape invites you to discover the 3 areas that are considered to be the birth of the Garona River. A river that originates in the Valley of Aran and spreads its waters after 600km on the Atlantic Ocean.

The sources of the Garona

2 days | 20 km

A walking route through the first two stages of the “Sources of the Garona”. You will go through the paths of Camins Vius to discover the birth of the river at Uelh deth Garona in Pla de Beret and enjoy the landscapes that surround it.

Create your own trek

Do you want to add any other activity to the getaway such as rafting, ravines, a via ferrata? Or maybe you would like to change the route or the duration? Contact us and we will design the route as you like, so you can enjoy the natural environment and heritage according to your availability!